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Battery Power Consulting Services

At Battery Sciences, Inc, we provide our clients with a wide range of professional battery power services including the following:

Expert Battery Consulting

We provide expert consulting services in battery technologies. We can assist you with the development of battery packs, cells, or materials. Our professionals can also offer evaluation services for the materials used in your cells. Other services include battery testing and cell or battery pack manufacturing. Let us help you select the best types of batteries for your specific application! Read more about Expert Consulting >>

Battery Testing Services

Our testing services includes the testing of battery cells and systems. There are many different types of batteries and various types of measurements that they can be tested by. Our professionals will know exactly what the best type of testing is to be performed on your particular types of batteries or systems. Let us take all the guess work out of testing your batteries and ensure they are performing to full capacity. Read more about Testing Services >>

Battery Legal Services

We offer legal services in support of various types of litigation. We specialize in law matters that involve product liability, intellectual property as well as class actions. Talk to one of our friendly staff members if you would like a list of cases and that will be provided to you. most of our matters have involved PTAB and IBRs. Read more about Legal Services >>

Battery Business Services

At Battery Sciences, Inc, we offer support to companies and the investment community. Our business services include market evaluations for investment firms, new technology market strategies, battery and control systems evaluations or anonymous procurements. Give us a call today and we will assess if we can help with your business needs. Read more about Business Services >>