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Battery Legal Services

We offer legal services in support of different kinds of litigation in different regions. We are specialized in law matters that involve intellectual property, product liability, and class action lawsuits. Our team includes experts on law matters and over the years we have handled all forms of cases for our clients. This has included 8 deposition testimonies, with matters including IPRs and PTAB.

Legal Assessments

We also provide legal assessments to help our clients navigate the ocean of obligations that they are likely to come across in different markets. We provide legal assessment and recommendations. Besides, we also clarify the mandatory steps you should take for contractual or voluntary compliance management.

All businesses using battery technologies are required to identify how battery and packaging legislation affects them. They should also know how far these obligations extend. National laws and their interpretation can be different from the US or EU guidelines, we can analyze on a country by country basis for your markets.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Battery Sciences provides legal services that span across different practice areas. This includes:

  • Intellectual Property: Our intellectual property services help our clients obtain patents while protecting their creations and trademarks.
  • Product Liability: We provide product liability defense and counseling services .
  • Regulatory Advice: We provide regulatory advice on complying with federal regulations related to stationary and commercial grade storage.
  • Sale: The sale of energy and additional services in different regions.
  • Manufacturing: The manufacture, transportation, and disposal of battery.

We also specialize in providing contractual advise on conflict minerals, battery warranties, and various aspects relaxed to storage of energy. If you want to know about the cases we have handled, feel free to contact us. One of our friendly staff members will be pleased to answer your queries. You may call us at 425-445-2181 or write to us using this Online Form.