Experts in Battery Power
for Demanding Applications


Product Development

We can perform, assist, or direct activities associated with materials, cell, or battery pack development. We can also evaluate the materials used in your cells or in competing products

  • Materials development or evaluation (anode, cathode, separator, electrolyte)
    • Anode and cathode:
    • Particle size and particle size distribution
    • Particle shape
    • Binder and conductive additives
    • Porosity, pore size, mesoporosity, tortuosity
    • Cathode composition
    • Optimization of electrode particle size and distribution for specific applications (e.g., high power or high energy)
    • Testing of new electrolytes and evaluation of electrolyte additive effectiveness

Battery Testing

  • Qualification testing in pouch cells.
  • Cell or battery pack design, and qualification
  • Contract Research and Development
  • Maintain watch over key vendors’ manufacturing quality control​

Applications Engineering

  • Selecting the best battery for your application
  • Expert guidance in vendor selection
  • Working with the powered device’s design team to make sure the placement of the battery allows for the best thermal management.

Cell or Battery Pack Manufacturing

  • Complete technical and manufacturing audit services
    • Experienced with providing these services to the investment community and for vendor selection
  • Monitor the Battery Industry for advanced technology developments